Pink Champagne Hand Warmers


Pink Champagne Hand Warmers


A most luxurious way to keep your hands toasty warm on that long winter's walk, while cheering from the stands or tooling around town. These botanically dyed, organic sateen hand warmers will never be far from reach. Your hands will be so happy the moment they're wrapped around these flax filled, super soft, perfectly sized packs of goodness. Busy hands? Shove them into your coat pockets, (a personal favorite). A quick zap in the microwave and your hands will thank you. 

Hand warmers make an excellent, unexpected gift. Your cold-handed friends will be eternally grateful! 

One Pair of Hand Warmers:

  • Eco-dyed & naturally dyed organic cotton sateen

  • Flax seed filling, unscented

  • 30 seconds in the microwave is suggested

  • Stays warm for almost two hours

  • Hand made, no two pairs alike

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