Why do you only use natural dyes?

I made a conscious choice to be a dyer using only the safest materials and practices available; safe for me, safe for your family, and safe for the earth. Thorough, ongoing research is the foundation of the dye side of my business. I use GOTS approved dyes and handle them in ways that they can safely be returned to the earth. Continuing age-old traditions of natural dyeing is an honor and a pleasure, especially dyeing textiles that will be used by our loved ones for years to come. I've heard that it's not work when you're having fun!

Do you use heavy metal mordants?

Researching natural dyes, mordants, tannins and their toxicity is critical to my work. I've crafted successful dye recipes that are free of heavy metal mordants, except for the use of a minuscule amount of alum. No other metal mordants are used in my dye kitchen - not iron, chrome, tin, etc.. *  I've invested the time and materials to create recipes that meet my own strict light and wash fast standards. My research has led me to dyestuffs that are not only safe, but a handful possibly offer some health benefits when worn against the skin, such as indigo, myrobalan and pomegranate. When creating new colors, foremost in my mind is that anything we put into the earth ultimately leads to our water, plants and wildlife, and eventually back to us. 

*A few bits of metal, like nails or copper pennies, are sometimes used in my Eco-Dye panels. Although not used in any amount to cause concern, safe handling is always emphasized and practiced. 

Why do you use only 100% certified organic cotton fabric?

Once you touch these sumptuous fabrics, I believe you'll agree they're second to none in their softness and how they take natural dyes. Making the commitment to use certified organic cottons for quilts and garments used by the people we love is an easy choice. Using only organic cotton grown in the United States, and milled in the US when possible, has a positive affect on our US economy, and I decided from the start to be a part of that chain. Through much experimentation, I've chosen the best fabrics to use in the making of my quilts, sheets and garments. To make these gorgeous, luxurious fabrics available to quilters and sewers is exciting. I hope you'll be as thrilled to stitch any of my fabrics as I am to prepare them for you! Please share what you make with any of my fabrics. I'd love to see!  #tierneybarden

How do I care for my naturally dyed fabrics?

All of my fabrics are machine wash and dry.  As with any naturally dyed fabric, and especially a handmade piece, placing the finished piece away from direct sunlight is best. If you've made a quilt, rotating it from display/use to storage every few months is recommended to ensure your heirloom lives a long, beautiful life!

My dye and design processes are ultimately about you and your experience. Iā€™m happy to answer questions - simply drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.   tierneybarden@gmail.com