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Deep Into Winter

Being a bit of an introvert, I relish winter months here in upstate NY. Short on daylight and long on snowfall, these months practically beg for hand work, hot drinks and quiet reflection. My sketchbook is brimming with new quilt designs, my work table is heaped with fabrics of all kinds, and the dye pots are simmering away. I'm most productive when I don't have to leave my studio for days at a time, much like having a few snow days in a row!

So far this year, January saw the release of my free EPP template, Striped Octagons, and I've been floored by the positive response it has received. For those of you who have featured it on your blogs, reposted it on Instagram and shown off your talent at #StripedOctagonEPP, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love interacting with you, and look forward to seeing this talented online community spread its wings. 

With February in full swing, and your positive messages fueling me to charge ahead with more quilt designs, I'm knee deep in pattern design and testing! Pictured here is a test run for one of those new patterns. It's during this stage that I work out design flaws and make construction notes. As I'm stitching, I'm asking myself, is this a pleasure or a pain? Is this shape awkward to stitch? How does this fabric respond to this technique? Is there a better way? It's YOU I have in mind as I'm testing and scribbling notes. Your happiness stitching any of my patterns is paramount. 

Freezer paper for reverse applique. Nice!

Freezer paper for reverse applique. Nice!

The colors used for this test pattern seem to be an excellent remedy to the cold winds blowing around outside my window. Well, that and connecting with all of you! For now, I have a few more samples to stitch up before releasing this beauty later this year.  

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